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By Mikhail Botvinnik, Stephen Garry

ISBN-10: 0486206203

ISBN-13: 9780486206202

Study chess from an international Champion! those a hundred video games have been chosen and annotated by way of Botvinnik himself because the most sensible video games he performed ahead of changing into global Champion in 1948. contains contests opposed to Alekhine, Capablanca, Euwe, Keres, Reshevsky, Smyslov, and others. writer explains his theories, the advance of Russian chess, and 6 finish video game reports.

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Tt:lf3 b5) 1 3 . . b5 Black has the initiative. 12 ... :B:edl f7 Black is slightly better thanks to his bishop pair. :B:ei a b c d e f g h 1 2 . . N 1 3 . :B:xd l �f5 ! c4 tt:l e4! �e5 tt:lxf2! and Black is on top) 1 5 ... :B:ad8 with a slight edge for Black. l l ... c5! It transpires that Black can continue with his plan while safely ignoring the check. a b c d e f g h 8 ... Wxd4 ?! is dubious in view of I O . . �f5! \Wc4 Wd5 ( I I . . + Ferro - Esposiro, Spoleto 20 I I . lO ... llJe6 I decided to recommend this move, although I 0 .

F4 mg7 f g h 60 Sidel i n es Improving the king's position, with sl ightly better chances. s ; miA�tm� ��� 1 6 . . N although after 1 7. tt'lc6?! is met by 1 7 . . ) 1 7 . . \Wd?! tt'ld5 \Wf7! Ei:e I Ei:e8! Ei:fl White keeps some initiative for the exchange. mig' - m m m411 - 4 •m w m m 3 m m m ttJ m 2 �� � � m � � � -� � /' /''//1 �� ttJ �lW� � . a "/ b %;. c 12 . g5 d f e g h This is vi rtually forced - if the rook is going to perish, it should at least trade i ts life for that of the important enemy bishop, rather than a humble knight.

1 2 . lt:l d2 h6 1 3 . :gad l 1 6 . . N 1 7 . lt:l xg4 1 7 . ig3 d6 1 8 . :gxe l ixg4+ 1 7 . . :gxe6 dxe6 Black will have excellent winning chances in the ending, thanks to his extra pawn and bishop pair. ( I 8 . . :gxe6!? ) 8 7 6 5 4 3 a b c d e f g h 1 4 . . N Bringing the rook to e6. lt:ld3 a3 1 6. :gxe6 dxe6 1 8 . lt:lxa3 a5! 2 1 . lt:l c4 a4 with a slight edge for Black thanks to the bishop pair. 1 5 . . ib7 1 7 . if8+ Now in Wi nkelmann - Wossni ng, corr. a3 :ge8 1 3 . a3 :gbs line mentioned above.

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