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Popular chess instructor and grandmaster Artur Yusupov keeps his whole process chess development. Yusupov's earlier books have confirmed well-liked by chess coaches around the globe, who use the assessments on their scholars - minimize out the intermediary and skim Yusupov direct. improve Your Chess 1 is a part of a nine-book process 3 sequence each one of 3 books. The sequence are increase your Chess, develop your Chess and Chess Evolution. every one sequence starts off with the basics, then the chess point raises in past the fundamentals, and culminates in Mastery. Yusupov publications the reader in the direction of the next point of chess figuring out utilizing rigorously chosen positions and recommendation. This new figuring out is then established through a sequence of puzzles.

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G5! '&h3?? l"lfSt because of 3 ... '&cS-+. wrd2! (1 point) Deflection. '&aS, as in the game. '&e3+- and then l"leS. d7+- and l"leSt. 1-0 Ex. Kort V~'a5! +- (also 1 point). wrb2! (1 point) Double attack and deflection. xf7t? l"lxb7 c5 White is worse. wrxb7! l"lxeSt? '&xb7= 2 ... wrxd8 2 ... wrb8 Or 2 ... l"lxaS+-. wrxc7! l"leSt 'it>f7 1-0 Ex. ie6! xf7? '&aSt '&dS-+. ~cSt?! xf6?! '&xf6 gxf6=. h6 Other moves are no better: Ex. wrb4! ixd7+- Scoring Maximum number of points is 19 17 points and above·················.

We3 followed by Wh6 and White wins easily, since Black has no pieces which can protect the dark squares. ~h5! e5 Other moves are no better: a) 2 ... gxh5? Wg3t. b) 2 ... l"Ixh7t! l"Id3+-. c) If2 ... fl Wc2 (3 ... e5!? f5 (4 ... l"Ixh7! l"Ixh7! f4 and White wins. VNf4 White is preparing an attack on the h7 -pawn. Black is powerless. What is remarkable is the position of the bishop on f6, which is restricting the opposing counterplay and also playing a decisive part in the attack. 4 ... te7 Black will be unable to take on f6, since then the black squares would be even weaker.

Wxa6 Wa4~. 13 ... h4! The attack on the a6-pawn ties up the black pieces on the queenside. White now wants to create a second weakness on the kingside. The threat is h5. ~bbl?! ~c6 would be stronger, so as not to release the pressure on the a6-pawn. 15 ... ~b7? Black should try to do something against the threat of h5. 15 ... Wf7! ~hl h4±. h5! After this move a second weakness appears in the black camp. Now the defence becomes twice as hard. In the middlegame the presence of opposite-coloured bishops can be very effective for the attacking side, since the opponent has nothing which he can set against the attacking bishop.

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