Beating the Ruy Lopez with the Fianchetto Variation by Andrew Soltis PDF

By Andrew Soltis

ISBN-10: 0875682499

ISBN-13: 9780875682495

Beating the Ruy Lopez with the Fianchetto version

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D2ǹ X" Eǹ  (ǹ ǹ L g /,ǹ  Ùǹ a)* ,ǹ-6āǹW(ǹ" ǹ ǹa a 5Ì)^ǹd´NĴǹa)˜8"! ½†Nǹ†Nǹǹ ¾nnǹ-2Ăǹǹ|! ǹ  )Kǹ Æ ‰ĭ  ĭšȻ  ĭ J =]ĭ ĭ ìÒÖ ĭ6=Ģĭ9ĭ$ Šĭ]=( =ĭ¸ï9ĭĭ¬¥ĭ « +†WpQ«†V+«€™¢« it{D« žW‘« ‘+« IXp$V67t«›€W†Wtp« Ĕ « Ĕ 7[ ǹ ǹ(ǹ(
Ơǹǹ ǹǹ ǹǹ7°ǹ…ǹǹǹ  œ*ǹ 2Ĕ 6Ĕ 8K #Ĕ ({†+€« Kt˜€« ªĔ #*Ĕ Ĕ ǹÇ €*ǹ’ō-3€ǹXÞ ǹǹëǹǹ' ;ǹ_3 <ǹÎǹ 3@ǹ ƴǹ3HƐ'å@Jǹ >Ĕ > Ĕ #Ĕ  Ĕ oĔ .

F@%Ȼ « $S|‰+€« JX›+« +ˆXpQ«†S+« ˜¢« it{D« žW« ˆS+« IWp$S89t«›€W†Wup« $ Ĕ ’kCȻ>AóȻȻ6&6Ȼ >Ȼ[/Lĩ6Ȼm&½N6Ȼ ȻN6ȻǦǧȻĝȻêȻ RDz 66 Ȼ &<Ȼ ’ȻĿ Ę Ȼ xȻ xCȻ Ȼ Ȼ [/LȻ Ȼ NȻ 3Ȼ fǹ 6Ȼ Ƞ¨6&xȻ"5Ȼ $$$Ĕ U~UĔ %i Vǵƚǹǹ ǹǹsǹǹ ǹ ǹ =ǹǹŵƙ ǹ  [ ǹ Źƒ"ǹ'ǹǹ ǹǹŽǹǹǹ•(ȻÆǹ ÒƬ·ǹ $)+)ǹ2vǹ ħ ! 'Ȼ éƤ …]Ȼ HȻ Ȼ  @# UZȻ # Ȼ `8 Ȼ  5Ȼ +ƒˆ£Ȼ $/] Ȼ ƼȣN&ĂȻ @  #  <# Ĵ ¤'8ȴZZ j Ȼ ; ?

3 ǹY°ǹǹ­ǹ 3 (ǹb6ǹy **ǹq6ǹǹ( ǹ5 5•ǹ / Ĕ Ã/gĔ  /aĔ =Ĕ Ĕ 2*Ĕ zmǹzǹ ǹǹ±ǹqtǹǹ6ǹ #ǹ±Óǹţ#ǹǁǹ ůô ǹ B9ŠˆǹC#ǹĊ3/ǹPƎ#ǹ!

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