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By Tim Harding

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C3 46 f6 …c6! 47 f7+ ‡f8 48 ƒxa5 …xe6 and the e–pawn should decide. …e2 44 ƒxb6 e3 45 ƒxa5 …g2+ 46 ‡f1 …xh2 0–1 EK: “Causes White to surrender. ” Game 8 White: Rudolf Mikulka (Czechoslovakia) Black: Ferenc Chalupetzky (Hungary) 2nd Schweizerische Schachzeitung international, 1910-11 Closed Ruy Lopez (C77) The Players: Mikulka (1889–1958) came from the Moravian town of Uhersky Brod, east of Brno. In 1946-48 he played on one of the Czechoslovak teams in the 1st CC Olympiad. Ferenc Chalupetzky was an active postal player both before World War I and in the 1930s.

Black never does make use 35 of the queen’s …, a consequence of the time wasted with the minor pieces in the early stages. 29 …h4! gxh4 Acceptance is forced. …g6 30 ƒxg5! e3 31 ƒxe3 and Black has lost two pawns for nothing) 31 …xh6+ ‡g8 32 †h4ˆ. 30 †xh4 …g6? Black should return the spare … for a little counterplay, even if it is insufficient. …xg2+! 31 ‡xg2 …g8+ the correct reply is 32 ‡h1! ƒd3 the futility of Black’s ƒ is underlined by 34 …g1! …xg1+ 35 ‡xg1 with forced mate. ƒa6 34 c4 (not 34 ƒxh6??

50 Èe6! Black overlooked this strong move, which creates mate threats. Becker gives barely any further comment on the game, but he still had chances to save it! Analysing such positions with wide-open walking ‡s, active †s and unbalanced material is very hard. †xb1?? Èg4?? 51 †f4+ is playable. 51 †f6! †f1+ Black can possibly do better here, but even this should not lose if he can keep his pawn chain intact. †b4+! †h1+ this time). So 52 ‡c6 †h4! (with ideas of winning the white ƒ with a fork at h1) 53 †c3!?

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